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Director James Kessinger is on top of the world.  But when actors begin dying every time he films a movie, his career abruptly ends, and he winds up broke.

After working a number of comically humiliating jobs, he finally gets a chance to make another movie, ironically a cheap horror flick.  But now he has an even bigger problem:  all the actors who agreed to be in this movie despise him for making them look bad in previous films, and are determined to sabotage this movie. 

Luckily the Director is clever, and realizes what's going on.  He uses the footage they botched and turns it into a horror comedy.

Imagine the vast comedic possibilties!  While the actors think they are being clever, sabotaging the horror movie, they are falling right into his hands.  But nothing in life is simple, and the Director has to be on top of everything to keep his plan from falling apart.

But The Final Cut is more than just great comedy.  It is a heart warming tale of redemption and second chances.

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