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JUPITER BASE  (sci fi)

A group of teen delinquents are sent to a military boot camp near Jupiter.   The teens despise having to follow orders and decide to rebel.  When their ill-conceived act of revenge goes horribly wrong, all but one of the soldiers are killed.


Rather than return to Earth and spend life in prison, they decide to live out their lives on Jupiter Base, secure in the knowledge that their ship's defenses and those on the base can repel any attack from Earth.


However, their plans for a new life are quickly disrupted when aliens invade Earth.  The ship they possess, the Bellerophon, is the only hope Earth has of defeating the alien invasion.


Although they realize they must return home, they have only the most basic knowledge of how to run the ship, and only one soldier to help them prepare for battle.


Jupiter Base recounts the story of how a group of teens deemed societal misfits valiently tried to defend Earth against an alien race a thousand years more advanced.

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