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Ryan Benning is a driven man.  When his cruise ship blows up and he washes ashore on an island inhabited by thirty beautiful blondes, the first thing he wants to do is LEAVE!

If Ryan can get home, hell be named President of his company, Zorcom Chemicals, for sure, because everyone else of importance in the company was on that same ill-fated ship.

Ryan learns all about Blonde Island culture and society, a fascinating place.  Eventually he falls in love with the only brunette on the island.  She also wants to leave because the blondes drive her crazy.

Ryan constructs a raft to leave the island, and is picked up by an ocean liner.  He regales a group of ultra-rich passengers with his wild tales on Blonde Island.  To his horror, they want to exploit the blondes and the island.

Ryan races back to Blonde Island to prepare for the invaders.  He and the blondes trick them into believing his stories were just fantasy by having the blondes disguised as repulsive looking plague victims.  This saves the island, so now Ryan and the Brunette are free to leave.

But in a tearful change of heart, the Brunette tells Ryan they should stay.  And so Ryan, who so wanted a jet set life, realizes he's found paradise after all.

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