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Save The Children is a vision into the future.  What would happen if most adults quickly died of a lethal virus, leaving a world full of children?

Fast forward fifteen years.  Unable to wage war, societies worldwide have focused their resources on the only hope for the future:  the children.  There arent enough adults left to keep society running, and children must bear the burden of a world in dire need of hard workers.

A small town in Washington State hosting a Junior Olympics discovers to its horror that the virus has returned.  But the mutated virus only affects children, turning them into pack-hunting savages.

The town soon concludes that co-existence with the infected children is not possible.  At first they try to send them for treatment, but their sheer numbers make such a lofty goal impractical.  As the infected children put the town in danger of starvation, they take harsher and harsher measures to survive, climaxing in a final battle whose outcome is not clear.

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