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Belinda and Chloe, two beautiful, hard working sisters, have one big problem:  they simply weren't blessed with sufficient intellect to succeed in the cutthroat business world.

But theyre optimistic, good hearted, and constantly strive to improve themselves.

The girls work at a cosmetics company.  They invent a shampoo which re-wires their brains, giving them genius IQs.  They go from cubicle slaves to running the whole company.

But now their problems really begin!

Their fiercest competitor, Marissa, is determined to destroy their company.  Adding to their woes, an evil genius wants their brain booster formula for himself so he can rule the world.

Belinda and Chloe eventually prevail over their enemies, not through force, but thanks to their loving, generous nature, which turns the tide in their favor.

As the brain booster starts wearing off, they realize that intellect isn't the only way to be a success in life.

Now back to their original selves, Belinda and Chloe once again help someone with a simple, everyday beauty secret, and in the process stumble upon a way to make the brain booster permanent.  Their good fortune is enough to make you believe in karma.

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