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Aliens have  been visiting Earth for centuries.   One benevolent race is strategically based in a vast underground city under the Antarctic ice sheet. They protect Earth from hostile alien species that would otherwise dominate our planet.  To protect Earth, they regularly send out warning messages, directed at the Greys, the hostile aliens based on the dark side of the moon.


During WWII, Hitler's U-boats made contact with our alien protectors, who became intrigued with the Nazi quest for improving mankind through eugenics. Hitler escaped from Berlin with a group of his most trusted aids, and thanks to the aliens' ability to halt our aging process, has been living amongst our alien benefactors ever since.


But when Hitler's dreams of world conquest finally resurface, the Antarctica base is nearly destroyed in a fierce battle.  One lone Nazi soldier, Franz Ziegler, escapes the devastation and heads to present day Washington, D.C.   If he does not return to Antarctica with the equipment needed to fix the warning signal system, the Greys will know they no longer have opposition, and will invade Earth.

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