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When a group of teens in a once thriving mining town want an exciting Halloween, they get more than they bargained for.

The parents forbid them from having an adventurous Halloween, but the teens disobey and start out the night at the cemetery.  One girl, Gwen, gets spooked, and convinces her friends it would be safer to go to the movies.

The Bijou is run by the Nurse, who blames the entire town for her miserable life that forced her and her parents to secretly live in the basement of the theatre.  She wants revenge, and she's determined to get it, tonight, on Halloween.

The Nurse eventually kills everyone except Gwen and her boyfriend, Chad.  The two teens finally get the Nurse pinned down, but Gwen makes a tragic mistake, allowing the Nurse to kill Chad.

Gwen and the Nurse fight to the death.  As the Nurse nearly chokes Gwen to death, Gwen plunges the Nurse's own crucifix into the Nurse's eye, and finally kills her.

Chad's death is too much for Gwen's psyche to handle.  At the end, she appears to have become just like the Nurse, making us wonder about whether we all have a dark side to our soul.

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