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When a worldwide famine threatens the survival of mankind, an amazing hybrid plant is created that can withstand the harshest conditions and grows at incredible speed.


At first, the plant is welcomed as the savior of mankind.  As a nutritious food source, it is unmatched.  But it quickly becomes apparent that the hybrids cannot be killed off, and spread like a virus.


The hybrids grow completely out of control, even adapting to survive in the ocean.  As it spreads without anything to stop it, the plants will, in a matter of weeks, control the entire electro-magnetic force of the planet.  

With so much power the hybrid becomes self aware and wants to be the sole life form on planet Earth, a certain death sentence for mankind.


A small group of refugees on the run try to stay alive long enough to find a way to kill the hybird before its power becomes unstoppable.



CORNUCOPIA  (sci fi)
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