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Earth is in good hands. Respected scientist Grayson Harris has diligently prepared for months to negotiate a crucial interstellar peace treaty. But when his teen slacker brother David is mistakenly sent in his place, the fate of earth is suddenly in the hands of a teen flunking High School.

Enter the distant world of Orilia, a highly advanced, peace loving race relentlessly bullied by their warlike neighboring planet, Raxivian. Unable to negotiate further, Orilia seeks out one of Earth’s best scientists, Grayson Harris.

For months, Grayson has been secretly traveling via a worm hole to Orilia. Preparations for the negotiations are gruelingly difficult. Any mistake, no matter how small, will be considered an insult by Raxivian, so absolute perfection is required.

David is mistaken for his brother at Grayson’s lab and is sent to a distant galaxy to negotiate between the two worlds. Unlike Grayson, David does not realize his performance at the negotiations affects Earth. If the warlike Raxivians prevail at the negotiation table, Earth will essentially belong to them, and we humans will be their slaves.

My Brother The Diplomat is a good-hearted look at the relationship between two very different brothers. David seemingly can never measure up to his genius brother Grayson, but David has hidden strengths of his own that will become apparent at the negotiations.

But the big question remains: can a teen flunking High School manage interstellar negotiations so complex they require months of preparation?

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