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A single mother worries she won't be able to control her 15-year old prankster son Kyle, as his behavior gets him into more and more trouble.

In desperation, she has him hypnotized.  Afterwards, he doesn't see his mom as her true self, a timid interior decorator, but rather as a tough, intimidating, screaming soldier he must obey.  The hypnosis prevents him from doing anything bad or even mischievous, definitely not good for his social life.

A year later, Kyle's academics have soared, but she notices he's alone all the time. One Saturday she sees him vacuum a rut into the carpet, and her guilt overwhelms her.  She realizes they have an artificial, unnatural relationship.  Kyle's miserable, so she decides she needs to un-hypnotize him.

But to handle a teenage son, she must become in reality the tough person the hypnosis allowed her to pretend to be.

While Kyle is still under hypnosis, he misinterprets everything his mother does, believing she is a secret, rogue soldier.   He follows her and in the process attracts the attention of a ruthless spy organization.  Once Kyle’s mom manages to undo the hypnotism, Kyle reveals that a spy has been menacing him.

Now stronger than ever, Kyle and his mom team up to defeat the ruthless spies who are determined to kill them.

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