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The top rung of New York society and business is dominated by three women: Evelyn, Fifi, and Vanessa. Evelyn is the grand dame of New York, with a pedigree and bank account her competition can’t match.

But when Fifi suddenly goes bankrupt, the balance of power shifts in Vanessa’s favor. Evelyn ventures into the countryside to retrieve Fifi, who has been reduced to living in her grandmother’s little cottage in rural Greenville.

Evelyn is shocked when Fifi, a born and bred New Yorker, decides she actually likes living in the country. To top it off, she’s met quite a handsome man there. She won’t leave.

But Evelyn won’t take no for an answer. Fifi relents, and they go to New York. But Fifi has a destructive, secret agenda that won’t be revealed until later.

Evelyn is thrilled at Fifi’s astounding ability to instantly create new businesses and rake in millions. However, the most successful business Fifi creates is based on the ingenious, home-spun products conceived of by the residents of Greenville. Evelyn’s plans of keeping Vanessa in check are imperiled when she discovers Fifi’s true motive: she’s trying to destroy Greenville charming country way of life, as revenge having previously turned her into everything she despises.

Fifi’s undoing is underestimating her country cousin, Anabelle. Fifi mistakenly concluded that big city life corrupted Anabelle. But instead of stealing the money owed to her hometown of Greenville, Anabelle had reinvested it all into Fifi’s company, making Greenville the majority shareholder.

In the end, Anabelle and the residents of Greenville kick Fifi out of the company she herself created. Fifi is reduced to playing the harp on the sidewalks of New York, but an old ally shows up in the very last scene, giving Fifi one more chance at beating destiny.

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