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My Wicked Guardian Angel FINAL DRAWING.j

As a senior in high school, Lyla's future looks bright.  She's in the running for valedictorian. She is even in the running for an athletic scholarship. Soon however, little things begin to go wrong. She misses an easy goal in soccer. The answer she calculates for a huge math puzzle is wrong. Nothing is going her way anymore.

As she lays in bed one night pondering her uncertain future, a cosmic hole appears in the ceiling and her guardian angel descends a celestial staircase. Initially she's awestruck, but quickly begins to suspect he's a big prankster who delights in giving out bad advice.

She even suspects he's a demon in disguise.  But is he? 

After some of the guardian angel's advice goes comically wrong, Lyla refuses to even talk with him.  She tries everything she can think of to fix her problems on her own, but they get even worse.

What is Lyla to do?  Read My Wicked Guardian Angel to find out!

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