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Mirror Lake - final drawing.png

Mirror Lake

Rockstar Shannon Lee has a huge problem. In order to keep custody of his thirteen year-old son Corby, Shannon must stay off drugs, but finds that he can't write music without them.  His new album is due in three months and he hasn't even started it.


In desperation, he takes his son, assistant Christina, and the band to a completely isolated island at a place called Mirror Lake. It's not on any map. No one knows it exists.  Its billionaire owner keeps a well guarded secret. 


With Christina as inspiration, Shannon finishes the album.


The pilot returns. The band boards, but Shannon and the others are still packing. The pilot decides to come back later for them due to an approaching storm. Lighting


Shannon, Christina, and Corby are stranded for months on the island with barely anything to eat. A plane finally spots them, and brings them back to Los Angeles.


Shannon’s troubles are far from over. His record label doesn’t like the new album. They arrange a big concert date for him, but demand he only play the title track. The rest of the concert has to be his catalogue of proven hits.


In short, they're making him a has-been.


At his big comeback concert, Shannon shows the heart and soul of a true rock star. He defies his record label, and slams out one new song after another. 


How does it end for Shannon? Read Mirror Lake, and find out.

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