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Mirror Lake

Rockstar Shannon Lee has a huge problem. His new album is due in three months and he hasn't even started it.

In order to keep custody of his thirteen year-old son Corby, Shannon must stay off drugs, but finds that he can't write music without them.

In desperation, he takes his son, assistant Christina, and the band to a completely isolated island at a place called Mirror Lake. It's not on any map. No one knows it exists.  Its billionaire owner keeps it that way. 

Shannon is determined to complete the album there. With Christina and the mysterious island as inspiration, he begins writing an album full of songs.

When Shannon has an argument with the surly and rude hotel caretakers, they abandon the island, taking the only two boats with them... along with most of the food.

While his bandmates aren't much concerned about the lack of food they'll have for the next three months, for the hard drugs they take stave off feelings of hunger, Shannon makes sure that Christina and Corby have enough to eat. They all work together, and finish the album.

When the pilot returns, the band load up the plane while Shannon finishes mastering the last track on the album. A fierce storm approaches the island, and the pilot insists they must take off immediately. He'll return afterwards for Shannon, Christina, and Corby.

Lightning crackles all around the plane.  A bolt hits dead on, and the plane explodes.

Shannon's problems are now nearly insurmountable. There is barely any food left, and the pilot was the only person who knows where they are, for even the owner of the island is off on a grand adventure in a place even more remote than Mirror Lake.

Help... is not coming.

Although hunger gnaws in their bellies, Shannon and Christina save the remaining food for young Corby. Christina finds a bag that the drummer had forgotten. She mistakes it for an herbal tea, but its most potent ingredient is LSD. Now tripped out of their minds, Shannon and Christina drink the "tea", lost entirely in their hallucinations.

A few months later, a plane discovers the well hidden Mirror Lake. Shannon and Christina wake up in a hospital in his home city of Los Angeles. Corby is already in the home of Shannon's ex-wife.

Due to months of drug use, Shannon and Christina have memory loss. However, Christina eventually remembers that Shannon and the band finished the album. Although the police have forbidden him from leaving the city, Shannon and Christina slip away and charter a plane back to Mirror Lake.

They find the recording. Shannon is elated. All his troubles should be behind him. However, his record label isn't thrilled with the album. They arrange a big concert date for him, but insist he only play the title track. The rest of the concert has to be his catalogue of proven hits.

In short, they're making him a has-been.

Shannon has to organize a new band, yet is unhappy with anyone who auditions.  A group of guys, barely 20 years old, come in hopes of being his new band. They know all his music, and are his biggest fans. Shannon is impressed, and they prepare for the big concert.

The record label CEO sits in the front row of the concert. When he sees Shannon gearing up to play new music, he sends him a strong signal that he'll be fired.  Shannon, who has gone through terrible doubts, ordeals, and obstacles, ultimately decides he can't live as someone condemned to just rehashing the past, so he plays new music. Lots of it.  The concert audience is wildly supportive and we, having witnessed Shannon's bravery through his terrible ordeal, fully and emotionally connect to the significance of his closing song's last line:


 "I guess I finally found myself, on Mirror Lake."

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