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Santa Gets Mugged In New York Poster-2.jpg

Poor Santa! Barely has his sleigh touched down in New York on a practice run for Christmas Eve, when he's confronted by a group of thieves. Their leader, Dmitry, takes off in Santa’s sleigh, leaving Santa no way to get back home.


Dmitry now has Santa's sleigh, containing a near endless amount of gifts. Yet he can't quite figure out how to cash in on his ill-gotten goods.

Meanwhile, Santa has to survive in the bewildering city of New York. He is taken in by Helen, the social worker assigned to his case.  


Though Dmitry has the upper hand, Santa initially refuses his demands of extravagant gifts for him and his crew. However, with no way to get home, Santa meets with Dmitry to negotiate a return of his sleigh and reindeer.

Dmitry has a change of heart, and returns everything to Santa, who still has time to bring toys to children around the world.

Later, Helen brings a package to Dmitry, and when he opens it, the two realize that, all along, Santa has been playing matchmaker! Not only does the package solve their financial problems, but it paves a way for Dmitry and Helen to share a wonderful life together.

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